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100% Lead Replacement Guarantee

With over 15 years in the MLM Leads business, and an A+ Rating with the BBB, you can rest assured that Responsive Data will stand behind their products and services, and offer you a 100% Lead Replacement Guarantee.

Our Process

When you purchase any of our MLM Lead Types, whether our Real Time Nationwide Leads, our Real Time Local Leads, or any other MLM Leads, you'll be covered by our 100% Lead Replacement Guarantee. We do our best to validate our leads in real time, screening out obvious fictitious and bogus content, mismatching or non-existent information, proprietary telephone verification processes, and numerous other validation processes. In fact, our system runs through over 100 data points, in real time, before verifying and delivering the lead to you. We've spent years developing this in-house exclusive validation process, and we continue to enhance and improve upon it all the time. Our process is clearly the best in the industry, which is why our lead quality far exceeds that of any of our competitors.

The Reality

No matter how great our validation process is, unfortunately; some invalid leads will still get through. Our filters and screening processes are impressive, but without physically calling through and verifying each lead, it's literally impossible to catch everything. The dilemma, is that we want to deliver the Best MLM Leads and get you the best result, but timing is key when it comes to lead follow-up. If we were to delay delivery of the lead for a manual verification process, this would deliver a more verified lead, but would delay the follow-up. Even though getting the odd disconnected number is annoying, we feel for the best conversions, its imperative that we get the leads to you instantly, in real time, as that will produce the best overall return on investment and conversion. That being said, we validate as best we can in real time, and deliver as quick as possible, so you can follow up within minutes of the prospect submitting their information. Although our validation process is powerful, you should still expect about 7-10% of your leads to need replacement.

Our Guarantee

Don't worry, we've got you covered either way. If you receive an invalid lead, you just need to submit that lead to us through your Leads Administration Panel or MLM Prospecting System Back Office, using our Invalid Lead Reporting Tool, and our Team will verify and provide additional lead credits to cover any replacements. Reasons for replacement include: Invalid or Disconnected Phone Number, Wrong Phone Number, Wrong Person or Did Not Request Information, or if the prospect is a Minor. For any of these reasons, just submit the lead as invalid, and our team will verify and replace.

Thank You

Thank you for entrusting us as your MLM Lead Generation provider. We truly appreciate your business!